Text Message Panic

Farley had never dated someone who was emotionally in touch and affectionate. She didn’t really understand how to react to cute text messages and spontaneous hugs and kisses that weren’t necessarily a prelude to sex. So the first time Matt sent her a text that read had to deal with so many idiots today. made me miss you so much. can’t wait to hold you tight. she blanked and didn’t respond. A few days later she woke up to: miss you. wish i was waking up to your smile. She had sent him back a curt miss you too and left it at that.

But this? This was something she couldn’t ignore and she had no clue what the hell to say so something so sweet and kind and nice.

just wanna hug you until you squeak and then kiss your nose : )

 However, the longer Farley stared at the message, the more she started to panic. She couldn’t just say “miss you” again, that was lame. “Ditto,” “me too,” and “I feel you, bro,” were off the table as well. She sent out three separate SOS text messages to Anne, Valerie, and Todd.

No one responded.

Maybe they should just breakup. Farley wasn’t sure she could handle this much attention and care. Halfway through typing out i dont think this is going to work, inspiration hit. Pictures were worth a thousand words. She should just send him a picture! Farley crowed and did a victory lap around the kitchen before she sat back down and scrolled through the gallery on her phone. It was short work to find an appropriate picture and send it to Matt.

Mission accomplished, she opened up her Seamless App and put in an order for a hamburger and waffle fries. That much emotional stress meant she deserved food. Metaphorically, and occasionally literally, patting herself on the back, Farley cleaned up her textbooks and notebooks so she could have a space to eat. She was digging around in the fridge when the door opened and Anne entered.

“Oh, Farley, I was just about to call you. What’s wrong? Your text said the world was about to explode,” Anne said as she unwound her scarf.

“No worries, I handled it like a champ,” Farley reassured her. “There was a relationship crisis brewing and instead of crumbling under the pressure of saccharine sentiment, I rallied and sent back an equally cavity-inducing picture.”

“Matt said he missed you again,” Anne translated out loud for her own benefit. “What picture did you send him back?”

Farley held out her phone with the text conversation and Anne gagged.

“What the hell, Farley!?”

“What?” Farley looked down at the picture. “It’s the oversized heart we got to see on cadaver day!”

“It’s disgusting and probably put him off dinner,” Anne said. “Gross, Far. You have to think these things through before you go and send pictures of random organs to people.”

“I didn’t think it was that bad…” Farley touched the picture, a mournful note in her voice. “I thought it was cute.”

“Cadaver hearts are not cute,” Anne told her.

Farley’s phone buzzed in her hand and she grinned. “Maybe not to you.” She held the phone back up so Anne could read: you are so cute. you’re the only person i would trust to autopsy my body.

“Freaks, the both of you,” Anne muttered, but Farley was too busy texting Matt back to care.

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    Love it!

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