This Month Ten Years Ago

Hey Y’all,

I am sorry that this month has been lacking in posts. I have no excuse, but I am back and am working to keep on top of the blog and give you all something to look forward to 5 days of the week!



The week of 10/2/2005

Witty one liner: Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!!!

The quote of the week: “Who’s the biatch no?!” – The New Guy

Riddle (posed by the planner): You threw away the outside and cooked the inside. Then you ate the outside and composted the inside. What did you just eat?

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): One species of hummingbird weighs less than a penny (with a gruesome drawing of a hummingbird being squashed by a penny)

Funnily enough I have been using the “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice” recently, just not with three exclamation points. And the answer to the riddle is corn on the cob.

The week of 10/9/2005

Witty one liner: Ociffer, I swear to drunk I’m not God!!

The quote of the week: “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints in our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” – Unknown

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): The word “set” has the highest number of separate definitions in the English language.

Wellness tip (courtesy of the planner): To put things in perspective; no matter how bad your situation is, it’s bound to improve

Well, the witty one liner is not all that witty and thankfully only came with two exclamation points this time. I think at this point in time I still thought that people were funny when they were drunk. Now I know they’re just annoying assholes that you want to get as far away from as quickly as possible. I like the quote, but at the same time, people can come into your life for a brief period and make a really deep impact on you. Sometimes that impact is really really bad, and sometimes it makes you a better person. As for the wellness tip – go fuck yourself, it doesn’t improve for everyone and we are allowed to grieve, stop offering soulless platitudes.

The week of 10/16/2005

Witty one liner: Did it hurt when I feel from heaven? No, but it did when they clipped my wings for being a devil.

Quote of the week: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): Slugs have four noses; hope they don’t have allergies…!

Success tip (courtesy of the planner): Be true to yourself. Don’t compromise your values.

Again, not so much a one liner as a pick-up line rejection? I recently heard one that was as good/better? The response was “Are you calling me Lucifer?” It’s a good point, because the only angel to have fallen from heaven was the devil (and Castiel, and well….a whole bunch of other angels, but that depends on what season of Supernatural you are on and whether or not you like Supernatural). I like the quote, I think it is something that I try to follow. I just need to work on being kinder to myself because I am fighting a harder battle as well.

The week of 10/23/2005

Witty one liner of the week: I’m not weird! I’m gifted!

Quote of the week: “Must not have been a good trip to the bathroom.” – Science teacher (ask Leech)

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): “ough” can be pronounced eight different ways in the English language.

Planner quote: “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” – Chinese proverb

Additional fun things: Under weekly goals I have “” and on the 24th I wrote I WAKE UP SCREAMING!! – It’s all because of you and on the 29th I turned 16 : )

I have no clue what happened in the bathroom (my nickname in high school was Leech). I can only assume that someone didn’t come back. Also, I had a teeeeeeeny obsession with Three Days Grace.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lelian says:

    I like these little glimpses into a younger Michelle.


    1. Younger Michelle was scary, just wait….


  2. Peppy says:

    I love reading the thoughts, quotes, etc from 10 years ago.


    1. I know : ) I am so glad that I saved this planner. It’s nice to be able to look back and remember things or half-remember things.


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