A Few More Minutes

He has white dust on his black cargo pants. His backpack between his spread legs and a navy blue hoodie with white piping. The hood is up as he attempts to get a few more minutes of sleep, his right hand loosely curled around his right knee, his left arm crossed over his body and resting on his right thigh, his hand tucked under his right forearm. If his hoodie was black I would guess maybe Daredevil, but his knuckles are not red and bloodied. (gross gum chewing woman just checked out sleeping dude) He brings his hand up to rub at his nose and then crosses his arms over his chest. He resettles his legs and leans his head against the window. All I can see of his face is a stubble beard. He fidgets and flexes his legs slightly together and then open, shifting his butt a bit. I can’t tell if it’s because he’s trying to be polite and stay in his half of the seat of if his tail bone is bothering him from his typical man-slouch. His head droops down towards his chest and he has full brown eyebrows.

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