Serial Killer: Farley

Anne exhaled and dropped the draft she was reading on the table.

“Ooooookaaaaay, Farley,” she said. “You sound like a serial killer.”

“How!? How do I sound like a serial killer?” Farley demanded.

Anne picked the paper back up and cleared her throat.

“‘I find most of my artistic inspiration in the human body,’” Anne read.

“That is not serial killer territory,” Farley huffed. “Many famous artists were inspired by human physiology! Just look at da Vinci he dissected corpses in order to better understand human anatomy.”

“You then go on for three paragraphs about what the inside of the human body looks like and feels like,” Anne said. “It’s creepy. How the hell do you even know those things?”

“Cadaver Day.” Farley smiled, then frowned at Anne’s raised eyebrows. “Biology 316 – Anatomy and Physiology – had Cadaver Day. It was super cool.”

“Mmm, super cool, I bet.” Anne covered her eyes.

“If I don’t get into the MFA program I am so going for my MD to be a medical examiner.”

“You are so weird.”

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