One Time!

Farley wandered into her roommate’s bedroom and face-planted in her bed, whining loudly. Anne ignored her until Farley started poking her nonstop.

“What is it, Farley?” Ann asked as she bookmarked her page.

“My dick is three states away,” Farley whimpered, rolling her head to the side so Anne could hear her.

“Your…dick?” Anne was concerned. She had an inkling as to where this might go, but she still hoped she was wrong.

“Well, it’s attached to another person, but it’s mine, and I miss it,” Farley told her, pouting pitifully up at Anne.

“Do you miss the person attached to the dick?” Anne said, covering her face with both her hands when Farley hesitated.


Anne groaned and spread her fingers to look down at her roommate. “Please tell me you don’t ask him to put his phone near his dick so you can talk to it.”

“I am feeling really judged right now,” Farley said, hiding her face back in the bedspread.


“It was one time!” Farley picked her head up. “One time, and no one ever lets you forget it.”

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