Bad Bed Partners and Tattoos

I am a terrible person to sleep with. I try so hard to be a good bed partner, but I feel like it is a losing battle. Also, I cannot wait for Jane’s response. She might call me before writing her response : P Love being the bad younger sibling.


Dear Jane,

I cannot believe I fall so low on your list of craft recipients. Whatever happened to hos before bros, and sisters before everyone else? I do understand and relate to your lamentations about how laundry, food, and enough sleep can very seriously cramp your creative flow. I love sleeping, it is one of my favorite pastimes, but I seriously resent that to be a fully functioning human being I need to have at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep – highly inconvenient.

I am glad to hear that you have finally overcome your horror and hatred of applique that my quilt instilled in you. Did Mom tell you that when she visited and we had to share a bed, she woke up to me having stolen the quilt and piled it up on my torso? I only covered my chest and arms and left none for…

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