This Week Ten Years Ago

The Week of 3/19/2006

Witty one liner: I tried to sniff coke, but the ice cubes got stuck up my nose.

Quote of the week: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Offbeat oddity (courtesy of the planner): When Canada’s new 1987 one-dollar coin design went missing, the Mint replaced the original canoeing fur traders with a loon.


My apologies for everything being off this week. I was struck down by my second cold this month and I just wanted to curl  up into a ball and cry. I am thankfully feeling more myself today, so onward!

Again, another witty liner that has been used recently in my life and made me giggle way too much as a young woman. I just always get this image of someone with two square ice cubes lodged in their nostrils and coke dripping down their face.

I struggle with the quote of the week. Yes, it is true, but it precludes high self-esteem which is something that I have not had until recently. My self-esteem, which I am sure is like others’, has fluctuated throughout my life. When I was in high school I was a bit more, “go fuck yourself” and self-assured. I had a little posse that walked with me and told me I was awesome. College cut the legs out from under my self-esteem and I have been slowly and painfully building it back up ever since. If you do not have ea good opinion of yourself it is VERY easy to “let” others make you feel inferior. Yes, if I am a well-balanced and confident individual it is going to be very hard to make me feel inferior unless I “consent” to let you do that. The person I was in undergrad and up to about a year ago did not have the barriers to be able to refuse. There is also a level of victim blaming here that I don’t like. It’s your fault that you feel bad. Don’t let them make you feel bad. Can we please raise our children to NOT be bullies, to not pick on other people? How about be actually have “no tolerance” for asshole behavior at the same time that we teach people to have high self-esteem and self-worth?

Oh, Canada : )

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