Two bags

Two bags between his feet. One is very full, straining a little at the seams. It is olive green with a supple, warm auburn leather on the bottom and black fabric for handles. The second bag is less full and black. His shoes are dark brown leather with little holes for ventilation. His dark blue or overwashed black dress pants ride up and expose his tall black socks. He is reading a printed packet, a woven bracelet on his right wrist and a watch on his left. He has a white v-neck t-shirt on under a heavy overcoat with its collar popped, a long black scarf draped around his neck and not tied. He has blond scruff down his cheeks and over his top lip. He has an undercut and his styled back hair is darker than his beard. He has a handsome visage with a nose that fits his face, broad forehead, groomed eyebrows, and ears that only poke a little bit away from his head.

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  1. Tippy Rex says:

    And he is a robot?

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    1. It is a very good question!

      He is a robot. More specifically he is an android. The first of his kind. Released into society to see if he can fool the every day person into believing he is real. His heart is fully mechanical, and thuds monotonously in his chest, the protocols to make it speed up under “duress” and “stress” are a little finicky and do not always work. There was one case where his heart stopped beating completely and his processing system initiated a full system reboot resulting in him suffering a fainting fit in the middle of a very important meeting. His makers have not tried to move him beyond initial contact with others. They are not sure they could fool an intimate partner into believing him human. Sometimes his systems overheat and he can appear to have a deadly fever even while still functioning perfectly and many acquaintances have commented that his has “muscles of steel” in a confused manner after hugging him or shaking his hand. Finding a way to make the wires and rods under his synthetic skin feel malleable and organic is much more difficult than they fist anticipated. He is a work in progress, a success in that no one has managed to suspect his true nature (barring one person), but still unfinished and flawed. One day he will disappear without a word and a small obituary will appear in the newspaper. His coworkers and acquaintances will mourn and miss him, but will move on. He will be evaluated, taken apart, and the parts that are still usable will be re-purposed. In the end there will only a few scientists left wondering about whether or not he can be considered to have “lived a life” and one, very sensitive scientist, analyzing his data over and over and over, wondering whether he dreamed, felt, or loved. Whether they had in creating him, brought a soul into existence, and if so, what happened to that soul after decommissioning him?

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