Everybody Talks….

Hey Y’all,

I feel like this week was not a very exciting week posting-wise because of the empty hole on Tuesday, but I am using that space to massage my brain cells and open up the nefarious plot sensors. I also got sucked down into the black hole of serial killers. I have been wikipedia page hopping and am definitely traumatized, having weird dreams, and determined to consume SO MUCH MORE. I blame Farley. 100% of the blame lies with Farley.

That being said, having watched Dahmer (with Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer) it has made reading the Fraction/Aja Hawkeye comics interesting because my introduction to Hawkeye was MCU’s portrayal played by Jeremy Renner. So Dahmer was interesting because I was like O.O Y U DO DIS CLI-HAW-FUCK I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE…..pretty pretty eyes!!!! T.T *whimpers* why is your hand inside that poor boy’s abdomen? And then last night I was reading the Fraction/Aja comics and I kept seeing Renner’s Dahmer and it was all mixed up and weird. And Clint is a cinnamon roll and no one can convince me otherwise. HE NEEDS ALL THE HUGS *gloms onto Clint and refuses to let go*

So. Yes. There’s that.

And now for something completely different….the point of today’s post!

COME TALK TO ME!!! Ask questions, demand Farley do even more weird things that only make sense to her, request I branch out into something I haven’t done before, or just shoot me a HEYA WAT UP?

You can do that in the comments section here or at any of the following places:

Twitter: mimiscorpion

Tumblr: deviousscorpionangel.tumblr.com

Instagram: michelle.austin29

E-mail: littlegentian29@gmail.com

Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Remember, it WOULD BE TO YOUR GLORY to talk to me.



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  1. Lelian says:

    Since you’re on a serial killer kick, why don’t you try to give me a creepy one-shot from a serial killer’s pov? Or, if you want to be more morbid and slightly less psychotic, give me the final moments of a serial killer’s victim.


    1. Uuuuurrrrrggggghhhhhh! CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT! I do have something creepy, morbid and slightly psychotic in my brain, but it is not serial killer. I might write it up and shove it at you to look at. If it comes out well perhaps I will submit it to a journal.


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