Repercussions of a Breakup – Part Three

Laura slammed into the kitchen, chest heaving, her ginger hair up in a bun. Jess had her feet up on the table, carefully applying a new coat of paint to her nails. Tess was at the stove humming to herself as she made stirfry and Brendan was absorbed with his computer. None of them flinched or looked at her as they murmured, called, and chirped their hellos.

“Semen carries, on average, .5 grams of protein. Women require about 46 grams of protein a day. It would, ostensibly, require 92 blow jobs to fulfill a woman’s daily protein needs. So it is not a viable source of protein. It is not the reason for my protein deficiency. Let. It. Go.” Laura’s eyes flicked from person to person in the room after her mini-speech.

“Not going to help much with my Atkins Diet then,” Tess said before blowing on her toes.

“Exactly, it is barely 1% of what a woman needs and less than that for what a man needs,” Laura informed her.

Brendan looked up from his computer. “So you’re just missing Paul’s constant diet of meat.”

Laura sighed, all the tension and fight leaving her. She smiled at Brendan.

“Exactly,” she said her relief evident in her face.

Jess and Tess started cackling.

“What now!?” Laura demanded.

“You miss Paul’s meat,” Tess choked out.

“Fuck all of you.”


The first two parts can be found here:

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© Michelle Austin and Little Gentian, 2014.

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