Reprecussions of a Breakup

“According to the doctors I have a protein deficiency. Ever since Paul and I broke up my protein intake has dropped significantly,” Laura explained, frowning as Jess choked on her coffee, Brendan coughed a few times, and Tess looked like she was smothering a smile behind her hand.

She watched them for a few more seconds before she rolled her eyes hard enough to dislodge them.

“You are all perverted, gross, individuals,” Laura told them.

Brendan started howling with laughter.

“Blowjobs are not a significant intake of protein and I didn’t give him enough of them for it to effect my fucking diet.”

Tess had a hand stuffed in her mouth to try and contain her laughter, tears streaming down her face.

“Paul had to have meat everyday – ” Laura covered her face as Jess sprayed coffee onto her plate.

“I didn’t know he swung that way!” Brendan forced out.

“Kill me now…”


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