Repercussions of a Breakup – Part two

Laura walked through the dairy aisle on autopilot, her mind wrapped up in the latest crisis on the home front. She was staring blankly at the milk display when Jess popped up next to her.

“Laur,” Jess called.

“Hmm?” Laura turned to see her friend holding out a large container of yogurt.

“You should get this.”

Laura took it from her and examined the container – Stonybrook Farm Brand, organic, whole milk. She had been meaning to get a healthier morning routine going, cut out the bagels. Yogurt was a good place to start, she decided, probiotics and all that shit. She paused and looked up at Jess. Jess never offered healthy food as a viable option, ever.

“Why?” Laura finally asked.

Jess turned the container in Laura’s hands so she could see the “High in Protein” in big red letters on the side.

“Thought you might want to get your protein in a more familiar form.” Jess promptly laughed herself almost sick.

“I hate you.”


The first part can be found here: Repercussions of a Breakup

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