Christening The Boyfriend

Hi All!

A quick little note here. I told The Boyfriend that I wanted to have a cool, fun nickname for him to use on the blog and he agreed to help me come up with one. I had a few suggestions, they mostly revolved around goats, an ongoing joke in our relationship, but as much as I told him it was a good idea, he didn’t like Pouting Goat as his pseudonym.

But fear not! We did come up with his name: Brazilian Helicopter Pilot. See? He looks just like him!

Bernie Rally with BHP

A few fun facts about Brazilian Helicopter Pilot:

  1. He is Brazilian
  2. He is not a helicopter pilot
  3. He likes soccer
  4. He is my boyfriend
  5. He is a writer
  6. I might make him cosplay Pixar’s Brazilian Helicopter Pilot if we get NYC Comic Con Tickets



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