Hey CNY,

You have ruined me for natural disasters and inclement weather. In 2012, my first Fall in NYC, when Super Storm Sandy was being broadcast everywhere, I scoffed. Hurricanes! Just a little rain and wind this far north! Turned out I was in at the edge of Zone 2 and the school evacuated our dorm and I had to flee to the Bronx and then Syracuse.

This is now my third winter here and I still try to correct people when they say “It’s raining/snowing!”  No. It is spitting/sprinkling/drizzling/misting/flurrying. Just because the air is shimmering when you turn your head just right does not mean it is snowing.

So, now there is a major snowstorm headed my way and I keep reminding myself that this isn’t Syracuse and they do not have our level of snow removal equipment and winter driving expertise down here, but I still can’t seem to give a fuck or believe that this is going to be anything noteworthy.

Oh well.

-Jaded NYC Dweller by way of CNY

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