Updates and QAR!

Hey All!

Announcements! Capital2Apple is going to go on a short hiatus and I will be posting a new weekly segment in its place. So look out for an old character returning on Tuesdays!

Last week we had our two first prompts submitted! One has already been filled and was posted on Wednesday for Farley, the second one is in the works, so please! Feel free to submit prompts or suggestions for characters or stories! Also, any and all questions you might have!

Twitter: @mimiscorpion

Tumblr: http://www.deviousscorpionangel.tumblr.com

E-mail: littlegentian29@gmail.com

Instagram: michelle.austin29

Soundcloud: Little Gentian



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  1. Write for me: The experience of someone falling asleep on your shoulder while you’re sitting in the subway.

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