The Price of Honor – Outtake

Just a little humor 🙂

The Achilles Project

Momo and I do a lot of our writing via instant messengers because we are, yet again, 13 hours apart. We also find it easier to get into our characters’ heads when we are role playing them back and forth. Sometimes we need to break the tension and seriousness and come up with ridiculous little snippets that will never make it into anything, but amuse us endlessly. We decided some were just too good to not share, and, thus, outtakes were created. Enjoy!

B: *squeezes his eyes shut as Leo navigates* We are going to end up like those turtlepilots!
L: *through gritted teeth* Turtlepilots?
B: From 20th century earthbound human history! The turtlepilots who went on suicide missions!
L: You took ONE Pre-Destruction Earth History class and I don’t think you learned anything!

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