Looking for Suggestions as well as Questions

Hey Y’all,

I am thinking about doing a pod cast for my audio recordings of my posts, would anyone be interested in this? Also, I am considering a littlegentian video blog, but I have no ideas what the hell to put on it. I am quite funny when I ramble, but I can’t imagine that being too humorous for other people. Any thoughts on that?

Other than that, do YOU have any questions or requests for me? And remember, I am working hard to be very social, so reward me by following me on my other platforms and talking to me. I get lonely here in the big city!

Twitter: mimiscorpion

Tumblr: deviousscorpionangel.tumblr.com

Instagram: michelle.austin29

E-mail: littlegentian29@gmail.com

All the best!


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  1. Peppy says:

    Question – Where would you like to travel to? and why?


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