Hey Y’all!

We got a question from Peppy:

Question – Where would you like to travel to? and why?

I would like to go back to the UK and be able to enjoy it more without the pressure and anxiety of school pressing down on me. I’d want to run around London and actually spend some money on the things I wanted, but denied myself the last time I was there. Go to some shows, get out into the country. I would love to visit Peasmarsh with my sister and actually see the ocean from Rye. I want to see the things I missed. I would also like to spend time in Paris and then France at large. When I visited over spring break we were on an austerity budget so I only ate crepes and baguettes : P I want to eat some REAL French food!

My co-worker has also gotten me super excited about maybe visiting Egypt some day. I think that would be awesome. She would be crazy into all the non-touristy things and I would be dragging her along with me to see the pyramids for my first time. God, to see all those things I read about as a kid, would be amazing. My first favorite goddess was Isis. She was so badass.

There’s also Iceland. Another co-worker went there and it looked BEAUTIFUL and awesome. So just because of that I want to go.

I will be going to Japan again in 2016 to visit my friend and fellow writer Momo : ) Very excited! We are going to go to Osaka and she says she is going to take me to an onsen!

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