Good Morning Starshine, the Earth Says Hello!

Hey Everyone!

We got our first question last week and I was so proud of all of you, but at the same time @fistfulofcrafts and curlysue92- you both are on notice! I now have a folder on my thumbdrive StraightWhiteCisGirl and it is accumulating half-started articles and I am trying to figure out just how many articles are needed to make a zine, how many are too many and if art is necessary because I am not that good at drawing. I am currently dropping my head onto my desk over and over again because HELLO NEW PROJECT!!!!

Again, this is my call for questions, requests, and demands.

Talk to me people!

Is there something you saw once and are like WTF!?!? Y U NO DO AGAIN!? Is there something itching in your brain you want to see me write? Do you have a burning question like: if you could live anywhere, where would that be? or what kind of phone do you have? or what do you think about _____?

I have been working on my Instagram so I will post it along with everything else.

Twitter: @mimiscorpion



Instagram: michelle.austin29

All the best,


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