Dear Bitchy Prudes

Dear Bitchy Prudes,


It’s none of your damn business if my breasts “pop” out of my dress. I do not appreciate your concern and I do not need it. I know my limits and I very rarely exceed them. If my boobs do happen to “pop” out – too fucking bad. It’s not like no one has seen breasts before.


Sexy girl in a low-cut dress

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  1. ssa3512 says:

    You tell em!

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  2. Sabiscuit says:

    Did this actually happen? I thought that was the purpose of low cut dresses, to make you pop. More power to you. x


    1. Yeah, this did actually happen. I do a fundraiser every year in CNY for Go Red for Women and I was wearing a particularly low-cut red dress and these two women were making snarky comments about how they hoped I wasn’t going to pop out of my dress. Well, those ladies were snarking next to the wrong woman – my mom. She took one look at them and said, “Well, then I guess it’s a good thing she’s surrounded by friends.” They shut up real fast. 😀 Go Mommy!

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      1. Sabiscuit says:

        Go Mommy, too. It’s good to answer people in a way that shuts them down. I should also note that these same women probably ogled celebrities on the red carpet at Cannes. It’s called a Double Standard. It’s important to stand out for events like these and I’m glad you showed them how. Have a great weekend.


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