Playlist 4 – Depressed [End] Prose Poem

Armor Your Love

I caught your ‘sorry.’ Am tangles in a moon girl. I’m low, not that there’s love. You miss quiet, I left unseen. You love the fall, it’s so much you. Love makes. I cry in you, he could love still – who’s the way? With years in time, first ashes to you, I like now.



Do I see you with…?

What do –

Sorry, I’m –

Oh, I see you.


Miss the world you lay down to keep the way. Armor your love, feel at bay, again your baby. Hope I give me. Don’t know you’re only up on my missing. Someone isn’t yours sincerely. Goodbye to me, so please don’t say it’s hard – try. Same anything, all say hush, tell me anything.


Hush the cause. Say it hurts, don’t tell me I’m believing my way to me

Oh, love, out of blood and horror – the never. Oh, still on so much somebody’s.

Never baby, she’s –

Will they perhaps…?


Where will I be your heart?

Is always too high?


Impressed twilight. I cause, cause I’ve will. I’ve seen want. You reach back, I’m not seen. My baby, we’re goodbye almost. Eyes home.

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