Daddy called her stupid, useless, shit-for-brains, hey numbskull, and idiot among other things.

Ma called her Tammy, Tammy Lynn, not right now baby, I’m busy, maybe later.

Her teachers could never remember her name.

Beatrice called her Tammy-Lynn, but that doesn’t fit you, how about Quidnunc, Quid for short. Friend, best friend.

Her classmates called her freak and idiot and sometimes Quid.

In college she disappeared.

Until Michael called her crazy, cute, funny, silly, little lobster, weird, exasperating, impossible, frustrating, stupid.

One hookup called her a nympho.

Another said passable.

And then one day Galen called her smart, intriguing, fun, his, and Quid-baby, sweetheart, come here and stop worrying, I love you no matter what.

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