Sparks Wanted

The urge to write has mostly left me due to many personal issues, but this man is something to record even if I feel no real spark.

I have been admiring suits and ties lately so the first thing I noticed about him was that I thought the knot on his tie was ridiculous. It looked much too loose and it was quite larger than I was used to. I wanted to reach out and tighten it.

Then I just looked at him. A dark blue suit, silver cuff links, a white shirt and the tie I wanted so badly to tug on was a paler blue. He had his headphones in, they wrapped around the back of his neck, no wires hanging down to connect to his device.

He twisted around, straining to catch a look at the electronic board listing the stops. His black dress shoes made his feet look big and his and hands were lightly furred with hair. I wondered if maybe he had hidden tattoos. Maybe one along his bottom left rib.

He drank from a cheap, flimsy water bottle, his thumb pressed into the cap as he twisted it on and off. He had an umbrella with a wooden handle that he leaned on when standing. His eyes were a pale blue like his tie. A silver watch hung heavy on his left wrist.

A single hair, slightly longer than the others hung across his forehead begging to be tucked in with the rest.

He had a Roman nose and prominent brow.

His knuckles were slightly red and his face was clean shaven.

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