Black Leather Converse

He is wearing what look like black, leather converse sneakers with no socks. He could be wearing anklet socks, but my inclination is to believe the worst of people this early in the morning. He looks like he is too big for the seat, not because he is too wide, but too tall. With his feet flat on the floor the angle of his hips is acute with an incline up to his knees with his back flat against the seat. His eyes are closed behind his thick, black rimmed glasses. His ears stick out away from the side of his head like Barack Obama’s. His black peacoat’s collar is popped up only on one side, the hood from his sweatshirt extruding out the other side and flattening the collar over there. His coat’s sleeves seem to be too short as there is a good there inches of his wrist and forearm showing. He cradles his phone in his hands, his headphones plugged into it and into his ears. There is a cavernous space between his knees where a moderately stuffed black backpack sits. His right knee is invading the space of the person sitting perpendicular to him so they have had to shift to sit at an angle. His hair is dark brown and might have been styled this morning, but it is hard to tell if it is mussed from sleep or his fingers. His full beard and mustache have been trimmed close and carefully maintained. In comparison to his body his mouth seems like a delicate pucker that is out of place, but not unappealingly so. He has a watch with a square face and a black leather band on his left wrist. He appears to be wearing gym clothes – black track pants with the white stripes up the outsides of his legs and a bright blue t-shirt under his jacket.

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