Partially Laced Boots

He is wearing fawn-colored, thick-soled, construction boots that look brand new and completely unbroken. They are not laced all the way up, instead he has laced them up five rows and tied them off, just until the bottom of his ankle, like when you wear sneakers. Between his feet is a black duffel bag. His jeans are not boot-cut and raise up above his ankles because he is sitting. He is looking down at his phone in his right hand, holding his white ear buds in his left. Veins stand out in sharp relief on the back of his hands. His chin is tucked down into his chest. Dark hair is cropped short and neatly kept with either a high fade making it lighter at the bottom or silver hair. He wears his black jacket open, but I am not at the right angle to see what color shirt he is wearing underneath it. His face has deep pock marks and a few shallow scars that are long healed. He has a gold band on his left ring finger. His receding hairline and high forehead make him look vaguely, perpetually surprised.

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