Horror Movie

His sneakers are all black and look to be almost new. His jeans are not. They are starting to fray at the cuffs, two holes worn through at the knees, one on the inside of his left knee the other almost on top of his right knee. Through the holes I can see his grey long johns. He is holding a white, plastic, grocery bag in his gloved left hand and it falls between his legs, stopping just at his ankles. His right hand is gloveless and shoved into his coat pocket. His coat is either a deep green or a deep grey, the hood up over the hood of the white sweatshirt he is wearing underneath it. He has a grey t-shirt on underneath all of that and white ear buds tucked into his ears, the cord disappearing into a different pocket than his right hand. His eyes are closed and the top of his nose is blunted. His skin is worn and completely free of facial hair. On the left side of his upper lip is a long-healed scar and because his head is leaning against the train his whole face seems to tremble and shake like this is a horror movie and he is about to turn into some monster or another person. There are furrows between his eyebrows and deep shadowed slashes near the bridge of his nose under the corners of his eyes. The deep curve of a shadow under his lower lip makes him look as though he is frowning even though his whole face is relaxed. His right hand is rough with knobbly knuckles.

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