When he first got on the train he stared forward and toward the door, his eyes bugging out slightly, as though he was ready to make a break for it at any moment. His head is shiny bald and his feet are encased in warm brown, leather loafers with those laces that look like they could snap with one good tug. He’s holding his backpack in his lap, the back of it to his front, but it has tipped forward so it looks a little bit more like a massive tri-colored baby bump cradled in his hands than a backpack. His pants are a light grey and ride up to show his ankles when he sits, white threads running through the pants in a faint, wide checkered pattern. He now alternates between eyes wide open, staring intensely at the door, and eyes drifting shut. His black overcoat comes down to his knees and his collared button down underneath it is blue with a much tighter checkered pattern on it. His tie is a darker blue with a more randomized line pattern. His facial hair makes up for his lack of hair on top of his head, thick and neatly trimmed mustache and beard combo.

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