Adventure Time: Brand New Year and MoSex

Alright, so I sort of hinted that I am on a New Year = NEW ME sort of kick, like everyone else. The difference is I have been reading waaaaaaay too much depressing shit + self-help stuff. Let’s rewind back to the beginning of December (which you all know nothing about because I fell off the fucking earth). My sister gave me my birthday present (YAY) – a book on how to break old habits and make new ones (…..what the fuck dude?). I was rather skeptical at first, but after reading it, I have to admit I am a convert. If you are looking to understand how your brain works, and why you always seem to end up with a doughnut in your mouth even though you swore up and down you were giving them up, then this is the book for you – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It is an extremely easy and thought-provoking read.

Yes, I cried at a few points, but I cry during Cheerios holiday commercials, so I am not very reliable on that front.

This is really only the first week, but I feel as though I am making change that will stick. I am setting up a really good bathroom habit of flossing in the morning and at night, I have gone to the gym five days this week, and I have had a salad for lunch every day this work week. My productivity has fluctuated from day to day, but I think that is more of a time management issue and lack of discipline when it comes to my phone and social media. That is something that I am going to slowly work on. Right now my main goal is more gym, more vegetables, and no soda. Brazilian Helicopter Pilot has promised to take me out for dinner and dancing once I fit into the dress I have designated as my goal weight outfit.

Now for the more interesting part of the title – MOSEX (Museum of Sex)!!!

I went again, this time with Brazilian Helicopter Pilot and we had a real blast : 3. My only beef with MoSex is the fact that because they are a small museum they don’t have a lot of new exhibits and they don’t rotate them often. Every time I go I have usually already seen at least half of what is being displayed. This time though, they had a really fun interactive aspect happening with their “from the archives” collection where you take a survey/quiz while you look at the artifacts and then you get a breakdown of your sexual personality. It works better on your phone than on a computer, so I recommend taking the quiz and getting your results on your phone web browser.

According to my results, I am:

WAY more Mental than Physical which means that I am “more stimulated by mental imagery than the typical person. Talking about sex arouses [me] and [I] find reading erotica appealing. [I] appreciate foreplay and the anticipation of sex can be as much of a turn on as the act itself.” DING DING DING DING!!!!! It is ALL mental with me. For some people knowing what is going to happen can kill the end product, not for me. If I am told in detail what is going to happen, I will sit there and obsess over every detail until it is almost real in my head and I start to anticipate and crave, and then if I don’t get it, there is A LOT of disappointment.

I am a little bit more Rational than Spiritual, which was a little bit of a surprise to me. I thought I had clung a little bit more to my Catholic upbringing and the belief in something bigger than me than I guess I have. It means that my decisions are more guided by logic, which I can see. I am more likely to sit down and pro/con it out and talk it out with people than closing my eyes and leaping in blindly. I also do “feel passionately about those close to [me]” nothing can incite my rage quicker than someone hurting someone close to me.

I am a little more Attached than Independent, with which I can agree. It means that I want intimacy. I like confiding in my sexual partners, and tend to be very trusting with those I love, which I just agree with all of that – almost to my detriment. From high school on I have believed that a real, strong relationship has complete openness and honesty. I took one of those “meet your perfect match!” surveys in high school and I checked the box for “there should be no secrets between me and my partner.” I just don’t believe there should be something I can’t or don’t want to share with my partner. There are some things that are like….does my partner need to know all the nitty gritty of my past sexual relationships? No. Does my partner need to know my previous sexual activity? I think so. Brazilian Helicopter Pilot knows exactly how many past partners I have had, and any information that is important because those past sexual encounters are in my sexual history backpack and explain why I am the way I am in bed and around intimacy.

I am apparently more SESI (socially extroverted) than I am SISE (socially introverted), which makes sense to me, I am fairly close to the center so I am mostly balanced, but I believe that I am an extroverted introvert. I gather energy and recharge from being at home and alone, but I get antsy and weird if I don’t interact with people every day.

I am (unsurprisingly given my first result) more Cerebral than Tactile, but not by much. I am “intellectually curious and enjoy learning new things,” but I definitely need hugs ALL DAY LONG. Brazilian Helicopter Pilot is my hug dealer. He does hug delivery and can attest that I am very tactile and need lots of contact.

I am almost completely balanced between Independently Content and Devotedly Erotic, which means that I am independent and confident in my sexuality, but I also form strong romantic bonds and like to explore sexually.

I am DEAD CENTER with Disciplined and Impulsive which kind of cracks me up. I am the person who you have to submit schedule and plan changes in triplicate three weeks in advance for me to even CONSIDER accepting them. But it makes sense because romantically and sexually I enjoy being surprised and like a certain level of spontaneity.

Dead center on Analytical and Emotional which again makes sense with my previous score  with Rational vs. Spiritual and Cerebral vs. Tactile.

And finally, I am SLIGHTLY more Bonder than Explorer, which jives perfectly with my very strong serial monogamy tendencies.

So GET THEE TO THE MUSEUM OF SEX and keep kicking ass!

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