Coffee and Knees

She put her empty deli coffee cup into her bag, a few napkins stuffed into the opening to prevent the one or two drops of precious caffeine that even the most experienced and addicted of coffee drinkers cannot shake from the cup. The bag is a monster of a leather purse that takes up almost all of the real estate of her thighs, her knees barely peek out the other side, tan and bare. She is wearing a pretty, patterned sundress with a very dense design, it is hard to tell what it is but I think it is floral in nature with yellows, and yellow-greens with black behind the designs. On her left wrist is a gold watch with a black face, a gold ring on her middle finger. The roots of her hair are black, but the rest is a deep red. He hair is short and styled close to her phone. Eyes hidden by a pair of big sunglasses, she does something on her phone, glancing up as stations come and go.

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