Adventure Time Upstate NY Style

Let’s finish off the awesome adventure that was my vacation to the great state of New York!

From Tuesday to Friday, Brazilian Helicopter Pilot and I lounged on a glorious Lake Ontario beach and tanned ourselves. I don’t’ really know if there was more to it than that, lemme check my memory banks….

Well, there were s’mores and drinking. We stayed with my Aunt, Uncle, and mother while we were up there. The family were in a camper while Brazilian Helicopter Pilot and I crammed into a two person tent. Now I know what you are thinking: Well, Michelle, there were two of you, a two person tent should have been fine! First off, we had two twin air mattresses in there so there was no room for any luggage, we left all of that in the car. Second, try telling that to a six foot two inch man whose feet hang off the end of a bed if it is any smaller than a queen. The first night was trying because Brazilian Helicopter Pilot was trying to be chivalrous and not encroach on my twin air mattress, but unless he went diagonal across both mattresses his feet were gonna go through the tent wall. The second night was rough because the people across the street from us decided to have a screaming fight at midnight and then the cops were called (4 vehicles, two for the sheriff, one for the canine unit, and one regular looking cop car). The third night I was on a bee mattress that kept “stretching” so my ass ended up on the ground twice. 

But despite the sleep deprivation it was an amazing time. Beautiful sunsets, I got a little bit of a tan, and the water was glorious. I took many many naps. Brazilian Helicopter Pilot and I cooked dinner and breakfast for the family one day while we were up at camp. Pokemon Go released and Brazilian Helicopter Pilot was immediately sucked into the world. I had zilch phone signal. 

All in all we want to do it again next year, but with a bigger tent!

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