Quick Nap

Her nails are long and she scratches the side of her face with her middle finger. She is wearing a knee length dress that has ridden up to mid-thigh because she is sitting down. It has a black collar and hemline, but in between is pink designs on white with black dots. She has a long-sleeved black cardigan over it and a simple necklace around her throat. She has double pierced ears and a single bracelet around her right wrist. She has what looks to be an NYPD business card tucked into the wallet part of her phone case, just the bright gold badge on the card visible. The case itself is a light purple. Her purse is a nice cream leather with brown leather handles – very summery. She tucks away her phone into her purse and crosses her arms over it and the thin bag underneath it, closing her eyes for a quick nap.

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