Here we go! 10/100! Do be aware that I spoil things so if you have any plans of reading this book YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Title: Fiddlehead
Author: Cherie Priest

Now I am sure you all are wondering why I am writing a review of yet another Cherie Priest book when my last review of one of her books was so completely negative, but I am nothing if not persistent and I decided to finish the series. There was only one more book and let me tell you that book had to fight tooth and nail to get me to like it and damn it all if it didn’t succeed. My coworker will be the first to attest that I went to him after barely skimming the first two chapters and announced that the book was utter bullshit, but I would finish it anyways.

Well, the book proved itself and here I am begrudgingly admitting it was a good book.

At first I was annoyed because they brought back a character who had already been a main character, Maria Boyd, to be a main character again. Then the second main character, Gideon, was a bit too hotheaded, stubborn and unlikeable for me. I also didn’t like that the last main character was Ulysses Grant, but Priest managed to make it work. At first it felt like there were too many cooks in the kitchen, but once I settled in it flowed very well and had excellent pacing. As usual her imagination and interweaving of fiction, fact, and history is impeccable.

This book served as the perfect bookend to a good series. All strings were tied up and justice was served. The Civil War is finished and the real battle to fight the Rotters has begun.

As I figured, Boyd’s parts of the book were not my favorites, but they were good. I enjoyed that they kept Lincoln alive and he and his wife fought the good fight right alongside Grant and Gideon. It was another edge-of-your-seat, action packed romp that left me satisfied and fulfilled.

So five out of six of the books in the series were awesome. I recommend you read Boneshaker and decide for yourself if you want to go all the way. They are all very quick and easy reads so definitely good for the beach!

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