She stands with her big, black backpack between her feet like a penguin and its egg. When she has to move she pushes it around with her foot or picks it up by the handle with one hand instead of shuffling around with it on her feet. Her legs are clad in skinny black pants and her sneakers stand out starkly against them – white, blue, and pink. The neckline of her tunic-like shirt is pulled to her left exposing the thin strap of her undershirt and the lacy strap of her bra. Her tunic shirt is half a deep olive-forest green and half black, one sleeve each color. The black sleeve is pushed up to her elbow and the green sleeve is pulled down far enough to cover the heel of her hand. A black sweatshirt hangs over her left arm, she took it off as soon as she got on the train and cradled in the crook of her left arm is a red and silver coffee mug that she drinks from occasionally. She is holding her phone in her hands her head bowed over it as she types with her two thumbs, the back of her neck bared to the cool air of the train. She has on a pair of black, over-the-ear headphones which are plugged into her phone. Since she is not holding onto anything, her body sways and jerks with the train. Every now and then she will bend her knees more and lean against the train’s momentum to stay vertical. Her hair is brown, shot through with silver and her glasses have rectangular lenses and pink frames. Hanging nearly down to her bellybutton is a three chain necklace with different baubles on each strand.

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  1. ad says:

    really good 🙂 awesome work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks : ) I don’t do a lot of self-portraiture because it can feel very self-absorbed to me. I am glad you liked it.



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