Adventure Time NYC

Let’s talk about the weird shit that you can find and do in New York. Note that I didn’t say ONLY in New York, there is plenty of fun, weird stuff to do everywhere, you just have to find it.

Yesterday I had dinner with my friend Comic Guru who is a writer, artist, web editor, and foodie. Setting aside the weird phenomenon that is being a twenty-something adult obsessed with eating and snapping pictures of the BEST food ever, Comic Guru is best kind of foodie. He loves to eat and he loves to experience so going out to eat with him is a treat because you never know what you are going to eat, or what it is going to cost.

Last month we went to Lucky Bee , a “family style Southeast Asian” place, and I had the most delicious curry I have ever had. I also discovered a new vegetable: apple eggplant. Suuuuuuper yummy! Now mind you I am not a foodie and prior to this I have avoided curry like the plague because I am white white white and cannot handle spicy food. I am that person. The one who actually asks “how spicy is that dish?” much to the horror and chagrin of many eating partners. Comic Guru is not like that, he is more than willing to adjust spice levels for my unrefined palate and he also lets me get bossy and order the food – it’s a really bad habit that I have, if we have discussed what we are eating when the server shows up I will just rattle off the order and I have horrified more than one guy by doing that.

So this week I told Comic Guru that I needed to not break the bank on my food so we went to this cute little place called Kottu House, a Sri Lankan restaurant, and ordered to share. We got South Asian fries which were just spicy enough, beef rolls, and the classic chicken kottu with black curry. It was a great time! We talked about how the USA is going into the toilet and what exactly the movie I am seeing on Saturday, Warcraft, is derived from. The server got in on the discussion because he used to play Warcraft. It was fun, low-key and YUMMY.

Too Cool for Mother Mary
Sup bitches

Then we went to RIPNDIP which was a popup nearby and it was like I had found a little piece of my soul. I grew up with an unbreakable bond with my father about cat butts and ripndip had cat butts and cats everywhere! When you walked in this was what you saw, a cat being held by the Virgin Mary whose two fingers would raise and lower. As soon as we were in the store area, one of the sales women spotted Comic Guru and said, “You’ve been here a lot.” Muwahahaha, called out! We wandered upstairs to the art part of the popup where we took a ton of pictures, which I then spammed The Boyfriend with later. They had a lot of aliens and cats. I am waiting on some pictures from Comic Guru, but here is one of me and my alien lover.

Kiss kiss!
Kiss kiss!

So then it was off to get ice cream! YAY! We went to Ice & Vice which I was super excited about because I was told they had boozy ice cream. LIES! All they had was one boozy ice cream and that was with IPA in so fuck that noise. I got the Shade ice cream – smoked dark chocolate, caramalized white chocolate ganache – in a chocolate chai cone. It was delightful despite not being boozy.

So! It is Friday! GO HAVE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! : ) Also feel free to ask me questions, submit requests, etc.

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Instagram: michelle.austin29
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep kicking ass!


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