Yo, Past Michelle

Yo, Past Michelle,

Why the fuck did you put this creepy-ass song on this otherwise pleasant and awesome playlist? Every time it comes on it freaks me out and ruins perfectly good moments. Dude, seriously!

Frustratedly Yours,

Present Michelle

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    1. It is called “Kisses & Kerosene” by Otep. I found it one day when I was looking for good metal/rock songs by female artists.


  1. Mike says:

    That is basically exactly how I feel lately when I’m listening to the radio and they’re playing some nice Taylor Swift music and some just nice pleasant stuff and then they suddenly start playing that song that has all the blood curdling screams in it.

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    1. Depends on if the “nice Taylor Swift music” was “Welcome to New York” if it was then the blood curdling screams were probably the DJ’s response to that awful, horrible piece of privileged, gentrification propaganda


      1. Mike says:

        Pfffft, I haven’t heard that song on the radio in a very long time actually.

        Nowadays the Taylor Swift music they’re playing is more either “Out of the Woods” or “New Romantics”. I’m also hearing more Selena Gomez lately again.

        The song with all the screaming is apparently “The Hills” by this guy called The Weeknd (sp). It took me like 10 minutes right now just to find the name for you because otherwise I shazamed it once so I would know the name just to better know to avoid it and then I think I deleted the Shazam.

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      2. I HIGHLY recommend this one


      3. Mike says:

        I typically share your taste in music but considering the conversation at hand, I feel a little terrified to click that video

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      4. Dooooo iiiiit! It will change you forever!


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