I’d love to Talk

Hey All,

I would love to talk : ) send me questions or writing prompts! It will help distract me from how much I hate people who chew in my ear, put their gross, used tissues everywhere (I am NOT talking about you mom, more like people on buses), people who take up more space on buses than they should, and just how fucking long bus rides can be.

As you can tell, I am a little annoyed. There were two guys at a class I took last night and they ate all the fucking chips  (it was a big bowl) and chewed them right in my fucking ear. Then they moved on to the chocolates and tootsie rolls and chewed in my ear. Have I mentioned I have misophonia? I nearly killed them both with my bare hands. I am getting tense just thinking about it.

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Keep kicking ass!


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  1. Peppy says:

    I have a moderate case of misophonia myself so I completely understand. I don’t know how they have survived this long without someone slapping them.

    I love reading your subway observations. I feel them. I can visualize the people. I would like to hear stories/experiences of living in NYC as a single woman, figuring things out, funny memories.

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    1. I will definitely think on it and hopefully have something for you soon : )


  2. Glaire says:

    You sounded so pissed lol I also hate the sound of people chewing. I mean if some people can chew quietly, why can’t they do the same right? :/

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    1. Glaire, I agree 10000000%!! I chew quietly, why the hell can’t everyone else! There is just something about that noise that makes my skin crawl. I get murderously angry. My family has come to accept that sometimes I just need to have music on during meals so that I can be civil.

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      1. Glaire says:

        HAHA seriously, you put music on during meals?! Good thing me and my fam eats so quietly lol. Damn people 😀

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      2. It can really irk my sister sometimes and my father will not stand for it, but my sister and I have come to an agreement that as long as I keep the music on low and turn it off as soon as all plates are clear we are good. Sometimes it gets so bad that I will be five seats behind someone on a bus and can still hear them chewing. It is SO FRUSTRATING because the majority of the WORLD does not have this problem and I seem to have it in excess!

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      3. Glaire says:

        Oh my god that’s really unfortunate. 🙂

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