Something I wrote in the back of a Book

Sometimes when I am reading, I will see something or think of something I want to remember so I will write it down in a book, forget about it and then find it months or years later. This is a subway post I wrote in the back of The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories by H.P. Lovecraft probably almost a year ago.


She preferred a less expressive, more subtle face. Slightly raised eyebrows and smiles that lit up a face rather than split it open. He sat at 90 degrees to his flip side. He had short controlled hair, a sly expression, and mischievous eyes. His opposite had blond curly hair, thick-rimed glasses and an overly emotive face. He overreacted to everything, his face contorting into a rictus of humor at the slightest thing.

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