Hi Everyone,

Yay! This week I will have posted three times instead of just two! I am striving to get back to posting five times a week, but it is harder now that I have burned through my one or two reserve pieces that helped me out when I had an off day and didn’t have time to write something new and fresh.

Apparently, I posted on my Facebook 1 year ago: “I find the spaces you left behind compelling and I want to fill them up, but until I can sew them shut with my own happiness they shall remain as they are – empty.” It was stunning to see that and realize how far I have come since then. I had written that sentiment earlier than a year ago and it had been floating around in one of my notebooks and then it still resonated with me so I put it on Facebook. I can safely say that there are no spaces left and I am happy.

I would say “Well! Enough about me!” but this blog is all about me! So here is some more SHAMELESS me! I did a reading before Thanksgiving and here is the link to the YouTube video: Bluestockings RULES!

Now it’s time to talk to me! I am available at all the following places:

Twitter: mimiscorpion
Instagram: michelle.austin29
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep kicking ass!


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