Hockey Player and the French Person

His gear bag is bigger than him and quite possibly might weigh more than him. He could fit inside the gear bag easily. He holds a hockey stick in his left hand, the blade up in the air. Navy blue, windbreaker exercise pants with three red stripes on the outside of each leg. Light brown long-sleeved t-shirt and a puffy zip up vest. He has on a baseball cap with a logo that I don’t recognize. His white headphones are in and the cord snakes under his vest. He has that light stubble going on around his mouth and up his cheeks. His ears poke out a little bit on either side of his cap. His fingers are long and their knuckles pronounced as well as the veins on the backs of his hands. He holds his phone in its blue case in his right hand and I wonder if hockey players have ever tested out “indestructible” phone cases by using their phones as pucks and how awesome that would be as a YouTube video.

Maybe there is a body in the gear bag and the hockey stick is just part of his cover and he is fooling is all with his cool, calm facade. He taps one inconsistently against his phone in time with the music in his headphones. I can’t tell if it is him or his neighbor who have their volume up loud enough for all to hear the tinny noise over the ambient sounds of the train and the loud French person next to me who seems to think it is okay to talk loudly to his companions across the train. He could easily move to the empty space beside his traveling companions, but refuses.

Hockey player/potential serial killer licks his lips slowly, letting his tongue curl behind his lips and show for a moment longer than typically done. Maybe he is trying to decide which river to drop the body parts in. He bobs his head a little to the music and then switches the song, seemingly not content with the unz unz unz beat. He tucks the phone in his vest pocket and zips it up, snapping his fingers un-rhythmically.

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