Come with me now!

Hey Y’all,

Man has it been a week! I have been struggling hard to be an adult and have been having various doctors’ appointments to the tune of one or two a week for general checkups and the like plus a surprise ER visit that was 9 hours long. But the good news is so far I have come back healthy, healthy, healthy! Only the dentist and eye doctor left to go!

I am doing an open mic night called The Hang at Grounded on Sunday! If you live in New York City and have always wondered what you kooky blogger is like in person here is your chance! Autographs are free! : P

Other than that! It is Questions, Answers, and Requests Day! Come talk to me! I am excited to interact with all of you!

Twitter: mimiscorpion
Instagram: michelle.austin29
Soundcloud: Little Gentian

Keep being badass!


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