Impossible Futures with Strangers

All I can see is that he has his glasses pushed up onto his forehead, resting on his brow so he can read something on his phone and it makes me inexplicably happy. He is starting to bald at the crown of his head and he is wearing a three piece suit. It makes me want to playfully push his phone down and smile up at him as he uses his free hand to bring his glasses down and mock frown at me.

“I was reading that,” he would say and I would tilt my head just a little to the side. He would sigh, pretending to be put upon, and lean down to brush a soft kiss across my slightly pouty lips.

“There, all better now?” he would ask and I would push up for a longer, firmer, but still chaste kiss, before pulling away and nodding.

“For now,” I would tell him, releasing his phone.

But before he turns it back on he presses a soft kiss to my forehead. When he continues reading there is an amused/bemused lift to his mouth and I lean on the subway pole next to him, watching him read.

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