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Hey Y’all,

It is FRIDAY! For all of you, which includes me, who work the “typical” American work week – TFGIF! This week was a hell of a lot better than last week, but I still ran myself ragged and I need to be better about going to bed at a reasonable time. The good news is I got my ass out of bed by 6:30. It was a struggle, but I did it.

I am hoping to get the edits for Achilles Project’s next post done today so my friend Lels can look it over and tell me if it sucks less than last time. But in the meantime, it is FRIDAY. That means QUESTIONS, ANSWERS, AND REQUESTS/PROMPTS. I have filled 2 out of the 3 prompts you all have given me and I am plotting out what to do for last week’s. So talk to me! Recommend a song I should listen to while I write today, ask me something you have been wondering about me, request something for your favorite character, or give me ideas for a nefarious plot.

Regardless, have an awesome weekend!



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  1. do you mind critiquing some of my art?


    1. Hey, I don’t mind taking a look, just keep in mind that I am a fiction writer so my expertise is in that area, but if you want to shoot me an e-mail with what you want a critique of I will get back to you with some constructive criticism.


      1. cool 🙂 whats your mail?


      2. what did you think?


      3. would you ever be interested in cover pictures for your word-press?


      4. I actually have a friend who might help me with that. I am focusing on consistently posting right and then going to worry about the site layout and design a little bit later. I switched themes about a month ago and I think the warmer colors are more my style.


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