#25 – Promiscuity/Alien STDS

Hey Y’all!

Sorry that I didn’t get this out yesterday, I needed the weekend to get my head back on straight and pump myself up! This is going to be an awesome week : ) So without further ado, reason 25 for why normals should not date supers.

[In no particular order, except for number one because that’s my #1]

Note: This piece will be written using gender neutral pronouns (ze instead of he/she and hir instead of she/he and him/her) in order to make this non-heteronormative. Remember that domestic abuse is not gendered or limited to heterosexual relationships. Anyone can be abused and anyone can abuse. If you are being abused there are a lot of wonderful resources out there to help you get out and be safe.


25) Promiscuity/Alien STDS


Now I know it is unfair to say that all superhero(in)es sleep around, but sometimes it just feels like all superhero(in)es do is sleep with the wrong people or just sleep around period. Bruce Wayne does it to keep up his persona, Green Arrow does it because he can’t be with anyone he actually cares about, and Tony Stark used to just sleep around a lot, plus Natasha Romonov using sex to get in and get information. Now I know this is about superhero(in)es, but let’s take a moment to just note James Bond and Ethan Hunt.

So, let’s say that superhero(in)es don’t sleep with everything that moves, they do, however, live a hell of a lot longer than most of us which means there is the potential for a lot more sexual partners, and a lot of these partners end up being bad people in disguise. And let’s face it, when was the last time you saw a superhero(ine) reach for a barrier method? For some reason condoms are just not sexy for these people.

A lot of the time the promiscuity disappears when superhero(in)es find their one true love, but that doesn’t negate the exposure pre-relationship, and let’s face it – we probably don’t have tests for half of the STDS some of these people could pick up. Alien STDS are a real thing and they probably are NOT susceptible to penicillin.

Just remember, we’ll always have Spiderman.

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  1. spiderman gave mary jane spider eggs. not sure if that classifies as alien stds but thats not really an area particularly designed with millions of spiders in mind


    1. Thank you for letting me know that! Wow. I do not know a lot about the Spider-man comics so thank you for mentioning that. No, I do not believe that the human uterus was designed with the purpose of having millions of spiders incubating in it. My uterus is crying at the thought. What happened to Mary Jane?


      1. thats a very good question….but now there’s no shortage of silk for knitting lol 🙂

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      2. Just imagine how many hot air balloons you could make. This might be the nefarious plot I was looking for ; ) have someone be knocked up with a million spider eggs so that the babies can make lots of web that can be spun into super-strength silk that is made into a fleet of indestructible hot air balloons!

        It might need some work : D


      3. even weirder is the silkscreen that could eternally blot out the sun
        the uber balloon plan is cool too lol

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      4. I will continue to ruminate and meditate on this. We shall find a place to put either or both of these ideas into action!


      5. have you ever read larry niven a world out of time?

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      6. No, I have not. Is it a work you recommend?


      7. its actually pretty good, the main chatacter was a rich guy that freezes himsef to beat cancer then wakes up thousands of years in the future poor because he was a criminal when he was frozen. so he becomes a starship pilot to seed planets for colonization. when he gets back to earth after being repeatedly frozen he finds the earth deserted and weather-beaten
        the rest is a suprise

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      8. I like your pitch for this book. I am putting it on my list and I will try to swing by Housing Works or Strand to see if they got a copy. Thanks for the rec : )


      9. feel free to check out my page too
        i haven’t been as active because ive been busy with school but yeah 🙂

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      10. Good luck with school! I know that it can be very hard to focus on your creative stuff when you have to do a lot of academic work. I barely wrote when I did my undergraduate degree.


      11. my ultimate goal for the short term is a degree in engineering. ive always wanted to go into research and science.

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      12. Good for you for pursuing a degree. Engineering is hard work. All the good luck and positive energy to you : )

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