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Hey Y’all!

It is that time of the week again! It is Questions, Answers, and Requests! Ask me anything that has been on your mind, request a story or give me a prompt for a character! I will answer within a week because…..


My friend Momo and I will finally get that almost decade old idea, launched and into the real world.

I have almost finished the profiles for the Black Venom Project that I am doing with my other friend and then it is finishing up world building and plotting out the first book. ; ) if I get permission I might post some teasers as we progress with the first novel.

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Thanks so much for all your time and support! Stay cool, stay awesome, and talk with you soon!



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  1. Mike says:

    I guess this could be more a request than anything else but I’m not 100% sure what to classify it as.

    Anyways, as you know, I find Farley hysterical and obviously want to read more of her. A lot of her stories are based on her gynecologist appointments, but her last adventure you posted involved her and her roommate. I thought that last one was really cool because we got to see Farley in a different scenario, and even more so, to see her interact with someone else to see how they react to her. I think it could be interesting seeing Farley interact with some characters we haven’t seen her interact with before just to see how they deal with her particular personality (since she’s got a lot of it).

    Obviously I don’t think this should be at the expense of building her relationship with her gynecologist, because I think there’s a lot there, but I think it would be really cool to see her interact with some other characters, even just perhaps in one-off encounters.

    I’m currently just starting to have a mental image of Farley in a library though and wondering how that would go.


    1. The good news is I do have another post all ready and good to go with Anne and Farley interacting again, but Farley in a library could be fun too! I shall ruminate on it and see what comes of it!


  2. Lelian says:

    So, prompt. That awkward moment at a cafe where there is one seat left at any of the tables and you need it, but, naturally, there will be a stranger sitting across from you. And go. Bonus points is said other person is attractive.


    1. Hi Lelian, thank you for the prompt! I will definitely think on it, but I got something in mind already. This is going to be good!


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