Family Feels

Family is complicated and we don’t always understand how it affects us or how we react to it.


Dear Jane,

I never knew how much I would miss our family until I moved to New York City. You graduated from college and went straight to Utah. You were always so desperate to come home and see everyone and I never really understood it. I was constantly back and forth between school and home and, since I was still in the area, family events. Then the year after I graduated I was home, working with Dad every day and hanging out and watching TV with Mom most nights. When I decided to apply to MFA programs, my main thought was “fuck the shit out of Syracuse. No fucking way am I staying here!” I got accepted to a school in NYC and there was no looking back. Until I got to New York.

I missed you. I still miss you. There are those moments, like what you had, where…

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