Bright, florescent pink running shoes and it looks like he’s not wearing socks, but maybe just really really low cut peds. Dark grey sweatpant shorts with a white drawstring. The exposed legs between sneakers and shorts are covered in long, dark hair. He’s wearing a body armor long sleeved shirt with the sleeves pushed up. His biceps are well developed, a little bigger than softballs and he’s holding breakfast in one hand – coffee and a banana. One wrist has a dark rest rubber wristlet on it and the other a thick-banded watch. He stands solitary in the middle of the train car, headphones in, ignoring those sitting around him, face smooth, but pensive, or maybe just expressionless because it is early in the morning. He has some facial hair, mostly stubble and the sides of his head are shaved, while the top is long and dyed blond, his dark brown roots coming in. A thermos hangs from his stuffed full backpack. When the chance presents itself, he sits.

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