Here’s the Deal

Hello Everyone!

I am sure some of you were blown away by the past week where I posted almost every day, barring Saturday and Sunday. So let me tell you what you have to look forward to. I am going to post every day for the foreseeable future. If I miss a post, I double/triple/quadruple up the next time I post. Here is the schedule:

Monday – Subway Inspirations

Tuesday – Capital2Apple

Wednesday – Playlist

Thursday – Do Not Deliver

Friday – Questions and Requests

Saturday – Answers and fulfilled requests

Sunday – Reality Check

I am working on two other collaboration projects currently, The Achilles Project and Black Venom. So Saturday will hopefully be replaced by one of these projects and Playlist will hopefully be alternated with a serial short fiction series following a character that I have yet to create/choose from my existing pool.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week and know that you can always send me a comment with any questions you have. I am also on Twitter @MimiScorpion and Tumblr

All the best,


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