Nap Time Corner

That corner over there is the nap time corner. Four people with their eyes closed trying to catch a few more moments of rest before they have to rush rush rush around all day. Maybe one of them is actually heading home having worked all night and is pre-empting sleep, giving hirself a little preview of what is to come.

Two men have their heads tipped back, one has his mouth open, the other keeps his closed, both have those wide-brimmed “oh-my-god-don’t-curve-the-brim-leave-the-sticker-on” kind of hats. Both clasp their hands loosely in their laps. Mouth-breather has on pants, two rubber wristlets, and a silver watch and his companion has on shorts and a gold watch. Both have short beards and moustaches and wear sneakers. Companion has on a short-sleeved black shirt that shows off his tattoo sleeve and mouth-breather is valiantly trying to sleep with his mouth closed in his striped, button down long-sleeved shirt. His cuffs are turned up a few times, only halfway up his forearms.

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