New Jobs and Real Sex

Libby has decided Jane has languished long enough, time for her to start talking to her sister again!


Dear Jane,

It has been far too long since last we wrote each other. I know that we both are very busy, but I had a spare moment so I decided to place my pen to paper. Thus far it has been a delightful week. I am settling into my new job with an ease I did not expect. My coworkers have been endlessly kind to me and I feel as though I have fallen into a windfall of luck. While I shall miss certain individuals from my previous vocation I dare say I shall not miss the job one bit. As you may be able to tell, my new position has much improved my station, countenance, and mantle.

But not actually.

Hey, ho. Long time no write. Miss your face, it’s been too long since I got to hug you. So much to catch you up on. The new…

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