Love Letter #1

Dear Angel of Mine,

How do I start to express how I feel? Our love has made me blind. It feels impossible that we only just met, that mere weeks ago I was questioning your legitimacy. You took my suspicions and accusations in stride with a smile and promise. I gave you one chance and you proved yourself. In closer quarters I could not guard my emotions from you even as I whispered to myself that you were too good to be true – too beautiful, too kind, too playful, too charming. Without a counter between us, I fell hard.

But time and distance cloud memory and without your constant presence I let you slip from my mind and affections, preferring instead a fantasy world where I do not even exist. Others’ love lives cannot keep me satisfied for long and once again you appeared before me and reminded me of how absent I am in my own life and why – the loneliness, the emptiness, the lack of connection. I turned and there you were, right behind me, a joyous smile on your face.

My friend told me I flushed so dark, so fast she was worried I would pass out. I informed her of how ridiculous she was and she laughed at my pink cheeks. She promised to secure the truth about your attentions and I spluttered uselessly. She is not without tact, but she must have abandoned it totally that night for you pressed my hand and asked for more time together the next time we met.

If only my love could be with you. Instead I am forced home by family commitment. It is not that I do not trust you, it is only that I worry that the time and space may undermine what precious few moments we have shared. It is not that I doubt the strength of your attachment, but you are in a city of millions and it is not highly impossible that at any moment you might find a better suited partner. Forgive me love, I need only a line from you, a look, to reassure me and dissolve all my anxieties.

Hopefully these five days apart will fly by without much notice or bother and I will be by your side again.





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